ScotDance Canada Championship Series, Calgary, Alberta 2018

June 30, 2018

Beginner 7 & Under Trophy Fling 
Clea MacDonald – 1st place and overall winner
Brooke Hayne – 2nd place

Choreography Competition
In the junior small group category – Grant School of Dance placed 4th overall with “Rein”
Dancers were Jaelyn Rovers, Karly Boyle and Haley Van de Wiel

July 1, 2018

Beginner 7 Years
Brooke Hayne-2nd Fling , 1st Sword, 4th Reel and High Aggregate Winner
Clea MacDonald-1st Fling and 2nd Reel

Premier 7 & Under 10 Years
Emma Baird-8th Fling, 3rd Sword and 5th Reel

Premier 10 Years 
Adelaide MacDonald-3rd Fling, 7th Sword and 2nd Reel

Premier 12 Years 
Jaelyn Rovers-6th Sword

Premier 13 Years
Hannah Delorey-7th Fling

Premier 17 Years 
Carly MacDonald-6th Fling and 7th Sword

Restricted Premier 7 & Under 10 Years 
Haley Van de Wiel-8th Fling and 7th Reel

Restricted Premier 21 & Under 26 Years 
Jillian MacLeod-3rd Fling, 1st Sword, 3rd Reel and 1st Overall

July 2, 2018
Emma Baird is the 7 & Under 10 4th Runner Up at the Canadian Championship in Calgary!! She placed 4th in the Fling and 3rd in the Sword.

Emma Baird