155th PEI Highland Games

Aug 6, 2019

155th PEI Highland Games 
August 3rd 2019

Pre Premier Highland Competition

Primary 4-6 Years 
Nola Deyoung – 1st Fling, 1st Sword, 2nd PDB’s, 3rd PDB’s& High cuts

Beginner 8 & Under 
Robyn Chisholm- 2nd Fling, 3rd Sword, 2nd ST
Alice Yancey – 6th Fling
Keaton Thibodeau – 3rd Fling
Gwen Beaton – 8th Fling, 6th ST
Anya MacInnis – 7th Fling, 8th Sword, 5th ST

Novice All Ages
Jillian Vink – 5th Fling, 5th Sword, 1st ST

Congratulations also to Sophie MacEachern & Abigail MacEachern for dancing wonderfully in the Novice group.

Intermediate All Ages 
Mattie Synishin – 4th Fling, 2nd Sword
Erika Brophy – 6th Fling, 5th Sword
Sophie Hawes – 2nd ST
Alexa MacInnis – 7th Fling

Congratulations also to Nevaeh Byard & Gracie Hawes.

Robyn and Anya