Results from the Ship Hector Scottish Heritage Championship and 37th Annual Debbie Robson Memorial Competition, March 7th & 8th, 2015

Members of the Antigonish Highland Dancing Association recently competed in The Ship Hector Scottish Heritage Championship and 37th Annual Debbie Robson Memorial Competition, March 7th & 8th.  The following is a list of their achievements.

Premier 7 & Under 10 yrs Championship: Jaelyn Rovers; 3rd Reel
Premier 10 & Under 12 yrs Championship: Megan Smith; 2nd Fling, 2nd Sword, 3rd Seann Truibhas and 2nd Reel. 1st Runner Up Megan Smith
Premier 12 & Under 14 yrs Championship: Emma Smith; 5th Fling, 6th Sword, 6th Seann Truibhas and 6th Reel; Erin Gilfoy 2nd Fling, 2nd Sword, 2nd Seann Truibhas and 2nd Reel. 4th Runner Up Emma Smith and 1st Runner up Erin Gilfoy
Premier 14 & Under 16 yrs Championship: Carly MacDonald; 2nd Fling, 1st Sword, 1st Seann Truibhas and 1st Reel; Abigail MacDonald; 4th Sword, 3rd Seann Truibhas and 5th Reel. 4th Runner Up Abigail MacDonald; Champion Carly MacDonald

Special Event Irish Jig
Intermediate All Ages: 4th Alexandra Keefe, 6th Abby McKenna
Premier 11 & Under: 1st Megan Smith
Premier 13 & Under: 4th Erin Gilfoy

Intermediate 10 & Under: Abby McKenna; 4th Lilt, 3rd Flora, 1st Barracks and 2nd Hornpipe; Anna Silver; 2nd Lilt, 4th Barracks and 4th Hornpipe
Intermediate 11 & Under: Alexandra Keefe; 3rd Lilt, 1st Flora, 5th Barracks and 1st Hornpipe
Premier 10 & Under: Jaelyn Rovers; 5th Scotch Measure, 4th Laddie and 5th Hornpipe
Premier 11: Megan Smith; 2nd Flora, 1st Highland Laddie, 2nd Scotch Measure, 1st Hornpipe. High Aggregate Megan Smith
Premier 12: Hannah Delorey; 6th Flora and 4th Hornpipe; Erin Gilfoy; 1st Flora, 1st Scotch Measure, 1st Highland Laddie and 2nd Hornpipe. High Aggregate Erin Gilfoy
Premier 13 & 14: Carly MacDonald 1st Scotch Measure, 4th Highland Laddie; Emma Smith; 6th Hornpipe; Abigail MacDonald 6th Scotch Measure, and 5th Highland Laddie

Primary 6 & Under: Chloe MacEachern; 3rd Fling and 6th Pas de Basques & High Cuts; Jenna Clearly; 4th Fling, 2nd Pas de Basques and 3rd Pas de Basques & High Cuts; Adelaide MacDonald; 1st Pas de Basques, 1st Pas de Basques & High Cuts, 1st Fling and 1st Sword
Beginner 7 & Under: Carmen MacMaster; 5th Fling; Emily Delorey; 6th Fling and 3rd Sword
Beginner 8 & 9: Julie Murray; 2nd Seann Truibhas and 1st Sword; Reanne Jean; 1st Fling, 1st Seann Truibhas and 5th Lilt; Katie McKenna; 6th Fling, 6th Seann Truibhas, 6th Lilt and 5th Sword. High Aggregate Reanne Jean
Beginner 10 & Under: Johanna Huntley; 1st Fling, 2nd Seann Truibhas and 5th Lilt
Novice 8 & Under: Ainslee Pictou; 2nd Fling, 4th Sword 3rd Seann Truibhas and 2nd Lilt
Novice 9 & 10: Emma Barrett; 5th Sword and 3rd Lilt
Novice 11 & Over: Connor Fraser; 6th Sword