SDCCS, Day 4, July 6, Moncton, NB

ScotDance Canada Championship Series Day 4 – Nationals and Choreography Day

Morning Results:

Primary 4/5 Years 
Zoe Berthiaume – 5th PDB’s & High Cuts
Nola Deyoung – 1st PDB’s, 1st PDB’s & High Cuts, 1st Fling,
2nd Sword
Taylor MacPherson – 4th PDB’s

Congratulations also to Julia Cleary & Annie MacInnis!

Primary 6 Years 
Emily Boyd – 1st PDB’s, 5th PDB’s & High Cuts, 3rd Fling, 2nd Sword
Anya MacInnis – 6th PDB’s, 5th PDB’s & High Cuts

Congratulations also to Grace Mooney & Molly McKenna!

Beginner 7 Years
Robyn Chisholm – 6th ST, 6th Flora
Keaton Thibodeau – 6th Lilt, 9th Flora

Congratulations also to Emily MacInnis, Alena Mooney & Cameron MacInnis!

Beginner 8 Years
Macie Hicks – 3rd ST, 5th Flora

Novice 7 & Under 9 Years 
Joanna Cleary – 6th Lilt, 6th Flora

Novice 10 & Under 12 Years
Emma Young – 5th ST, 4th Lilt, 7th Flora

Novice 12 Years & Over
Micaela Decoste – 1st ST, 1st Lilt, 1st Flora – Aggregate Winner

Intermediate 8 & Under 10 Years 
Sam Synishin – 1st ST, 7th Lilt, 2nd Flora

Intermediate 10 & Under 12 Years
Gracie Hawes – 7th Lilt
Alie MacMaster – 6th ST, 5th Lilt

Congratulations also to Alexa Macinnis!

Intermediate 12 & Under 14 Years 
Sophie Hawes – 5th ST, 7th Flora
Mattie Synishin – 8th ST, 6th Lilt, 9th Flora

Intermediate Special Event Codiac Hornpipe
12 & Under 14 Years
Mattie Synishin- 2nd Place

Afternoon Results:

Premier 10 Years 
Emma Baird – 7th Lilt, 3rd Blue Bonnets, 5th Hornpipe
Haley van de Wiel – 4th Lilt, 6th Blue Bonnets

Premier 11 Years 
Karly Boyle – 7th Lilt, 5th Blue Bonnets
Adelaide MacDonald – 10th Blue Bonnets

Premier 12 Years
Katie McKenna – 8th Blue Bonnets

Premier 13 Years 
Jaelyn Rovers – 7th Blue Bonnets

Premier 15 Years 
Abby McKenna – 6th Blue Bonnets

Premier 16 Years
Erin Gilfoy – 8th Hornpipe

Premier 18 & Under 21 Years 
Carly MacDonald – 8th Blue Bonnets, 8th Hornpipe

Premier 23 Years & Over 
Taylor MacQuarrie – 7th Lilt, 7th Blue Bonnets

Restricted Premier 7 & Under 10
Jenna Cleary- 5th Hornpipe
Cara Sweet – 3rd Lilt, 3rd Blue Bonnets

Restricted Premier 10 Years 
Chloe MacEachern – 7th Hornpipe
Divjot Kalsi – 2nd Blue Bonnets

Restricted Premier 11 Years 
Ainslee Pictou – 10th Lilt, 1st Blue Bonnets, 2nd Hornpipe

Restricted Premier 12 
Ava Rogers – 4th Blue Bonnets
Julia Murray – 10th Hornpipe
Reanne Jean – 3rd Blue Bonnets, 7th Hornpipe

Restricted Premier 14 Years
Jaelynn Rogers – 6th Lilt, 5th Blue Bonnets
Anna Silver – 7th Hornpipe

Restricted Premier 15 Years
Megan Smith – 7th Lilt, 4th Blue Bonnets, 2nd Hornpipe

Restricted Premier 17 Years 
Emma Smith – 10th Lilt, 10th Blue Bonnets, 4th Hornpipe

Congratulations to The Grant Dancers & The MacLeod Dancers on an amazing job with the large group Choreography at the Canadian Championships.

Congratulations to the Grant Dancers – Haley van de Wiel, Ainslee Pictou, Jaelyn Rovers, Katie McKenna, Abby McKenna, Adelaide MacDonald & Karly Boyle!
They received 2nd Place in 14 Years & Under Small Group Choreography.

Congratulations to all the Dancers!

MacLeod Dancers & Grant Dancers

Grant Dancers -“Congress”