Results from the Salisbury Celebration Competition

Members of AHDA competed at the Salisbury Summer Celebration Competition on Saturday, August 15.  Congratulations to everyone!

Primary 1
Keira Balcom-4th PB and 1st PB & Highcuts
Alie MacMaster-2nd PB and 2nd PB & Highcuts

Primary 2
Emma Baird-1st PB, 3rd PB & Highcuts, 4th Fling and 1st Sword
Haley van de Weil-2nd PB, 1st PB & Highcuts and 2nd Fling

Beginner 7 Years & Under
Carmen MacMaster-1st Lilt, 2nd Sword and 4th Flora
Karly Boyle-3rd Fling, 3rd Sword, 1st ST, 3rd Lilt, 1st Flora and High Aggregate Trophy

Beginner 8 & 9 Years
Sophie Hawes-3rd Sword

Beginner Teddy Bear Fling
Karly Boyle-1st

Ainslee Pictou-2nd Fling and 2nd ST
Khalee Chisholm-4th ST and 2nd Jig

Madison Chisholm-3rd Sword, 4th ST and 2nd Hornpipe