Pugwash Highland Games Results, July 2, 2018

Congrats to the following AHDA dancers who competed at the Pugwash Highland Games.

Olivia Chisholm – 5th PDB
Emily McInnis – 3rd PDB
Anya MacInnis – 4th PDB & HC, 3rd fling, 1st sword
Keaton Thibodeau – 1st PDB, 1st PDB & HC, 2nd fling, 3rd sword
Nola DeYoung – 4th PDB & HC
And congrats to Cameron McInnis who danced beautifully

Beginner 8 & Under:
Sophie MacEachern – 6th fling, 4th sword, 4th Seann Truibhas
Sam Synishin – 1st fling, 3rd sword, 1st Seann Truibhas & high aggregate trophy

Beginner 9 & Over:
Mattie Synishin – 4th fling, 4th sword, 1st Seann Truibhas
Micaela DeCoste – 3rd fling & congrats on her first competition!

Novice 9 & Under:
Alexa MacInnis – 1st fling, 4th sword
Yashita Ghore – 3rd fling, 2nd sword

Intermediate 11 & Under:
Cara Sweet – 6th Seann Truibhas, tied 6th barracks

Intermediate 12 & Over:
Ruthie Stanley-Blackwell – 1st fling, 3rd Seann Truibhas, 2nd laddie, 2nd barracks

Premier 11 & Under:
Chloe MacEachern – 2nd blue bonnets, 4th village maid

Premier 12-13:
Anna Silver – 4th fling, 5th flora, 6th village maid, 5th lilt

Premier 14-15:
Megan Smith – 2nd fling, 3rd flora, 3rd village maid, 3rd lilt

Premier 16 & Over:
Connor Fraser – tied 5th flora, 4th village maid