Maritime Open Premiership and Pre-Premier Novice & Intermediate Competition Results

Results from 2015 Maritime Open Premiership

11 Years
Anna Silver-5th Laddie, 5th Hornpipe and 5th Runner Up
Abby McKenna-6th Laddie, 5th Flora, 4th Scotch Measure and 4tg Runner Up
Allison Gilfoy-4th Laddie, 4th Flora, 5th Scotch Measure, 4th Hornpipe and 3rd Runner Up
Megan Smith-1st Laddie, 2nd Flora, 2nd Scotch Measure, 1st Hornpipe and Overall Winner

12 Years
Hannah Delorey-2nd Laddie, 2nd Flora, 2nd Scotch Measure, 6th Hornpipe and 1st Runner Up

13 Years
Alexandra Keefe-6th Laddie, Tied for 4th Flora
Erin Gilfoy-3rd Laddie, 3rd Fora, 3rd Scotch Measure, 2nd Hornpipe and 2nd Runner Up

14 & Under 16 Years
Abigail MacDonald-2nd Laddie, 4th Flora, 3rd Scotch Measure, 3rd Hornpipe and 2nd Runner up
Carly MacDonald-4th Laddie, 3rd Flora, 2nd Scotch Measure, 4th Hornpipe and 3rd Runner Up

Anna Silver, Abby McKenna, Alex Keefe at the Maritime Open Premiership in Halifax

Anna, Abby and Alex at the Maritime Open Premiership

Results from the Pre-Premier Competition Novice & Intermediate

Novice 7 & 8 Years
Julia Murray-4th Lilt, 6th Flora, 6th Fling and 6th Sword
Reanne Jean-3rd Lilt, 2nd Fling and 2nd Sword
Karly Boyle-5th Lilt, 1st Flora, 5th Fling
Adelaide MacDonald-1st Lilt, 4th Flora, 1st Fling, 1st Sword and Overall Trophy Winner

Novice 9 & 10 Years
Katie McKenna- 4th Lilt, 4th Flora, 3rd Fling and 6th Sword
Novice 11 Years & Over
Connor Fraser-2nd Lilt, 8th Flora, 6th Fling and 5th Sword

Intermediate 8 Years
Ainslee Pictou-4th Flora, 1st Fling, 4th Sword and Runner Up Trophy
Sadie Bowen-3rd Lilt, 5th Flora, 4th Fling and 2nd Sword

Intermediate 11 & Over
Ceilidh Matthews-7th Flora, 4th Fling and 6th Sword


A few dancers from the MacLeod School of Highland Dance, Smith School of Highland Dance and Grant School of Highland Dance.