Kick Start Dance Camp Set for September Long Weekend

The Annual Kick Start Dance Camp has been announced for the long weekend in September.

Kick Start Dance Camp was founded by Shelley Grant Rovers and Janice Macquarrie in September 2014.  The annual two day dance camp demonstrates a dedication to highland dancing and a commitment to help dancers achieve excellence.

The dance camp includes:
Dancing Sessions-Classes in Highland, National, Jig, and Hornpipe.
Technique Class-Dancers review in detail the proper technique of basic positions and movements in each of the highland dances.  Attention is given to reviewing movements such as shedding, backsteps, shuffles, pas de bas, and highcuts in isolation for proper execution in dances.
Yoga-Instruction in basic yoga and stretching techniques to aid a highland dancers training.
Theory Session-Theory class will include an educational review of basic movements in a classroom setting.
Stepdancing-Dancers will get a short introduction to Cape Breton Style Stepdancing.

Kick Start Dance Camp is a quality program and offers the highest standard of teaching and unique talents from our region.  Guest instructors for 2015 include: Marielle Lesperance, Holly MacDonald Bent, Janice Macquarrie, Shelley Rovers and Jenny MacKenzie.  The camp organizers and instructors value hard work and good sportsmanship.  It is a collaborative effort to offer fun while learning and nurture the love of highland dancing.

For more information on the program and registration:
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