Halifax Winter Competition Results

Halifax Winter Competition
Halifax, NS

January 27, 2018

Emily Boyd-2nd Pas de Basques and 1st Pas de Basques & Highcuts

Beginner 7 Years
Mhairi Wilmott-4th Fling, 4th Sword, 3rd ST and 4th Lilt
Sophie MacEachern-5th Fling, 5th ST and 5th Lilt
Clea MacDonald-1st Fling, 1st Sword, 2nd ST, 1st Lilt and High Aggregrate Trophy

Novice 9 Years & Under
Gracie Hawes-2nd Sword
Alie MacMaster-2nd ST
Yashita Ghore-5th Fling, 5th Sword and 5th Lilt
Keira Balcolm-4th Fling, 6th ST and 1st Flora
Laken Rogers-2nd Fling, 1st Sword, 1st ST, 2nd Flora and High Aggregate Trophy

Intermediate 10 Years & Under
Cara Sweet-5th ST
Carmen MacMaster-6th Lilt
Chloe MacEachern-2nd Fling, 6th ST and 5th Flora

Intermediate 11 Years & Over
Jaelynn Rogers-3rd Fling, 3rd ST and 4th Flora

Premier 9 Years & Under
Emma Baird-2nd Fling, 2nd ST, 2nd Earl, 1st Flora and Runner up Trophy
Divjot Kalsi-5th Fling, 4th ST, 4th Earl and 5th Flora
Haley Van de Wiel-4th Fling, 5th ST, 5th Earl and 4th Flora

Premier 10 Years
Ava Rogers-Tied for 6th Flora
Rachel Reid-1st Fling, 3rd ST, 6th Earl and 2nd Flora

Premier 11 Years
Sadie Bowen-6th Fling, 6th ST, 4th Earl and 5th Flora

Premier 12 Years
Jaelyn Rovers-7th Fling, 4th ST and 4th Flora

Cake Walk 11 Years & Under
Sadie Bowen & Ava Rogers-3rd place