Halifax Spring Competition

Congratulations to the following AHDA Dancers who competed at the Halifax Spring competition today in Bedford, April 21, 2018.

Joanna Cleary – 4th PDB, 2nd PDB’s & High cuts, 2nd Fling, 2nd Sword
Keaton Thibodeau – 9th PDB’s, 6th PDB’s & High cuts

Beginner 7 & Under
Sophie MacEachern- 4th Lilt, 4th Fling, 5th ST

Beginner 8&9
Mhairi Wilmott – 3rd Lilt, 3rd Fling, 3rd Sword, 8th ST

Beginner 12 & Over
Emily Chisholm – 2nd Lilt, 1st Fling, 1st ST – Runner Up

Novice 9 & Under
Jenna Cleary – 6th Lilt, 6th Fling, 2nd Sword, 3rd ST
Yashita Ghore – 2nd Fling

Pre Premier
Jr Double Swords
2nd – Chloe MacEachern/Jenna Cleary
5th – Sophie MacEachern/Mhairi Wilmott

Sr Double Swords
3rd – Sophie Hawes/Gracie Hawes

Intermediate 11 & Under
Julia Murray – 1st Fling, 1st Reel, 8th Lilt, 3rd Flora – Runner Up
Chloe MacEachern – 4th Fling, 7th Reel, 7th Lilt, 5th Flora
Gracie Hawes – 8th Reel, 3rd Lilt, 8th Flora
Brenna MacPherson – 7th Flora

Premier 11 & Under
Sadie Bowen – 4th Scotch Measure, 2nd Earl, 1st Lilt, 5th Flora – Runner Up

Premier 16 & Under
Jillian MacLeod – 2nd Scotch Measure, 3rd Earl, 3rd Lilt, 4th Flora

Premier Solo Jr
1st Place – Sadie Bowen

Premier Duo
2nd Place – Sadie Bowen/Jillian MacLeod