Debbie Robson Memorial Competition

Mar 1, 2020

Debbie Robson Memorial Competition Results:

Premier 10 Years
Jenna Cleary-6th Village Maid, 5th Flora and 5th Laddie
Sam Synishin-2nd Village Maid, 6th Flora, 1st Laddie and 1st Barracks
Cara Sweet-4th Village Maid, 4th Flora and 6th Laddie
Chloe MacEachern-5th Village Maid, 2nd Flora, 3rd Laddie and 4th Barracks

Premier 13 Years
Sophie Hawes-5th Village Maid, 5th Flora and 6th Barracks

Primary 4 & 5 Years
Freya MacKenzie-6th Pas de Bas
Annie MacInnis-4th Pas de Bas & Highcuts
Callie McKenna-3rd Pas de Bas, 4th Pas de Bas & Highcut
Julia Cleary-2nd Pas de Bas, 2nd Pas de Bas & Highcuts
Nola Deyoung-1st Pas de Bas, 1st Pas de Bas & Highcuts, 1st Fling and 1st Sword

Primary 6 Years
Zoe Berthiaume-3rd Pas de Bas, 5th Fling and 6th Sword
Grace Mooney-1st Pas de Bas, 3rd Pas de Bas and Highcuts and 3rd Sword

Beginner 7 Years
Jenna Jones-6th Sword
Olivia Chisholm-3rd Lilt, 2nd Fling and 2nd ST
Cameron MacInnis-6th Lilt and 5th Fling
Emily Boyd-4th Lilt, 1st Fling, 5th Sword and 5th ST

Beginner 8 Years
Gwen Beaton-6th Lilt, 2nd Fling and 1st ST
Addison England-5th Sword and 6th ST
Georgia Brophy-6th Sword and 5th ST
Abigail Reid-3rd Lilt, 3rd Fling and 4th ST
Alena Mooney-1st Lilt, 5th Fling, 1st Sword, 2nd ST and High Aggregate Trophy

Beginner 10 Years & Over
Micaela Brophy-1st Lilt, 1st Fling, 2nd Sword, 2nd ST and High Aggregate Trophy

Novice 7 & 8 Years
Emily MacInnis-4th Lilt and 4th Sword
Robyn Chisholm-5th Lilt and 6th Fling
Macie Hicks-2nd Lilt, 1st Fling, 5th Sword and 6th ST
Keaton Thibodeau-3rd Lilt, 3rd Fling, 3rd Sword and 2nd ST

Novice 9 Years
Alexis Turner-4th Lilt, 4th Fling, 2nd Sword and 5th ST
Elsie Van den Heuvel- 5th Lilt, 5th Fling, 5th Sword and 4th ST
Sophie MacEachern-3rd Lilt, 3rd Fling, 4th Sword and 3rd ST

Novice 10 Years & Over
Nora Stewart-1st Lilt, 3rd Fling and 2nd ST

Intermediate 10 Years & Under
Joanna Cleary-2nd Fling, 4th ST and 5th Barracks

Intermediate 11 Years & Over
Erika Brophy-3rd Fling, 1st ST, 5th Laddie and 2nd Barracks
Jillian Vink-1st Fling, 5th ST, 4th Laddie and 4th Barracks