Debbie Robson Memorial Competition Results, Pictou, NS, Sunday, March 5, 2017

Congratulations to the following dancers who competed at the 39th Annual Debbie Robson Memorial Competition in Pictou on Sunday, March 5th:

Brooke Hayne-2nd Fling, 1st Sword, 1st Pas de Bas and 1st Pas de Bas and Highcuts,
Macie Hicks-4th Pas de Bas and High Cuts and 5th Fling
Joanna Cleary-3rd Pas de Bas, 3rd Pas de Bas and Highcuts, 4th Fling and 5th Sword
Congratulations to Gwen Beaton for dancing in her first competition

Beginner 7 Years & Under
Jenna Cleary-5th Sword
Laken Rogers-3rd Fling, 1st Sword, 6th ST, 1st Lilt and High Aggregate Trophy Winner
Cara Sweet-2nd Sword, 1st ST and 2nd Lilt
Yashita Ghore-4th Sword
Alie MacMaster-5th Fling, 3rd ST and 6th Lilt

Beginner 8 & 9 Years
Keira Balcom-2nd Fling, 2nd ST and 5th Lilt

Beginner 10 Years & Over
Neveah Byard-1st Fling, 1st Lilt and Tie for High Aggregate Trophy Winner

Novice 7 & 8 Years
Alexa MacInnis-5th Fling, 6th ST, 6th Lilt
Sadie Allen-4th Fling, 2nd ST and 4th Lilt
Divjot Kalsi-3rd Fling, 1st Sword, 1st ST, 2nd Lilt and High Aggregate Trophy Winner
Haley van de Wiel-2nd Fling, 3rd Sword and 3rd ST

Novice 9 Years
Gracie Hawes-4th Lilt and 5th Fling

Novice 10 & 11 Years
Sophie Hawes-3rd Lilt
Brenna MacPherson-3rd Fling, 6th Sword, 4th ST and 3rd Lilt

Novice 12 Years & Under
Lydia MacPherson-4th Fling and 3rd Sword
Jaelynn Rogers-2nd Fling, 2nd Sword, 1st ST and 2nd Lilt

Intermediate 10 Years & Under
Ava Rogers-4th Fling, 4th Sword, 6th Barracks and 3rd Hornpipe
Emma Baird – 2nd Fling, 2nd Laddie, 2nd Barracks

Intermediate 11 Years & Over
Connor Fraser-3rd Laddie, 3rd Barracks and
2nd in the Intermediate All Ages Special Event Irish Jig

Premier 10 Years & Under
Rachel Reid-3rd Village Maid, 2nd Flora, 3rd Blue Bonnets and 6th Hornpipe

Premier 14 Years
Erin Gilfoy-1st Village Maid, 1st Blue Bonnets, 2nd Fora, 2nd Hornpipe and High Aggregate Trophy Winner