Citadel Open Premiership Results


Carly, Emma and Taylor

Citadel Open Premiership
Bedford, NS
March 25, 2018

7 & Under 10 Years
Adelaide MacDonald-1st Earl, 1st Flora, 1st Jig and Champion
Haley Van de Wiel-1st Scotch Measure, Tied 6th Earl, 3rd Flora, 4th Jig and 2nd Runner Up
Emma Baird-3rd Scotch Measure, 4th Earl, 5th Flora, 6th Jig and 3rd Runner Up
Divjot Kalsi-4th Scotch Measure, 5th Earl, 6th Flora, 5th Jig and 5th Runner Up

10 & Under 12 Years
Rachel Reid-5th Scotch Measure, 5th Earl, 3rd Flora, Tied for 4th Jig and 2nd Runner Up

16 & Under 18 Years
Carly MacDonald-2nd Scotch Measure, 3rd Earl, 2nd Flora, 3rd Jig and 1st Runner Up
Emma Smith-3rd Scotch Measure, 2nd Earl, 3rd Flora, 2nd Jig and 2nd Runner Up

Age 18 Years & Over
Taylor MacQuarrie-2nd Scotch Measure, 1st Earl, 1st Flora, 3rd Jig and Champion