Bridgewater Dance by the Shore Competition Results

AHDA dancers recently competed at Dance by the Shore Competition in Bridgewater.  The following is a list of their accomplishments from the September 19, 2015 competition.  Congratulations everyone!

Primary 4 & 5 Years
Sophie MacEachern-2nd PB and 2nd PB & Highcuts

Primary 6 Years
Chloe MacEachern-4th PB, 2nd PB & Highcuts, 4th Fling and 4th Sword
Alie MacMaster-3rd PB and 6th PB & Highcuts
Emma Baird-1st PB, 3rd PB & Highcuts, 2nd Fling and 3rd Sword

Beginner 7 Years
Emily Delorey-4th Fling and 3rd Sword
Carmen MacMaster-1st Fling, 2nd Sword, 3rd ST, 2nd Lilt and High Aggregate Trophy
Rachel Reid-3rd Fling, 1st Sword and 1st ST

Novice 10 Years & Under
Karly Boyle-2nd Sword
Adelaide MacDonald-1st Fling, 1st Sword, 2nd ST and High Aggregate Trophy

Intermediate 10 Years & Under
Emma Barrett-4th ST and 4th Laddie
Ainslee Pictou-2nd Fling, 2nd ST, 2nd Laddie and 2nd Barracks
Sadie Bowen-6th ST, 3rd Laddie and 3rd Barracks

Intermediate 11 Years
Ceilidh Mathews-2nd Barracks

Premier 12 & 13 Years
Hannah Delorey-1st Fling, 1st ST, 6th Flora and 3rd Scotch Measure
Alexandra Keefe-6th ST