NS Closed Championship/Selection Meet, Antigonish, April 23, 2016 Results

Congratulations to all the dancers who competed on Saturday, April 23rd at the NS Closed Championship & Selection Meet in Antigonish.  Special acknowledgement and thanks to the organizing committee, volunteers, and sponsors.  The day was a huge success with close to 100 dancers striving for excellence.

7 & Under 10 Years
Ainslee Pictou-4th ST
Sadie Bowen-3rd Fling and 6th Reel

12 & Under 14 Years
Erin Gilfoy-2nd Fling, 3rd Sword, 1st ST, 3rd Reel and 2nd Runner Up
Megan Smith-1st Fling, 2nd Sword, 3rd ST, 1st Reel and Champion
Hannah Delorey-3rd Fling, 1st Sword, 2nd ST, 2nd Reel and 1st Runner Up

14 & Under 16 Years
Madison MacDonald-6th Reel
Emma Smith-5th ST and 3rd Reel
Carly MacDonald-1st Fling, 2nd Sword, 1st ST, 1st Reel and Champion

16 & Under 18 Years
Abigail MacDonald-1st Fling, 1st Sword, 3rd ST, 2nd Reel, and 1st Runner Up
Courtney MacDonald-4th Fling, 3rd Sword, 2nd ST, 4th Reel and 2nd Runner Up

2016 NS Provincial Team Representatives from Antigonish:

12 & Under 14 Years
Megan Smith, Hannah Delorey and Erin Gilfoy

14 & Under 16 Years
Carly MacDonald

16 & Under 18 Years
Abigail MacDonald and Courtney MacDonald

Antigonish NS Reps

2016 Antigonish NS Representatives: Courtney, Abigail, Megan, Carly, Hannah and Erin