40th Annual AHDA Fall Competition Results

Congratulations to the following AHDA dancers who competed at our 40th Annual Fall Competition.  The following is a complete list of results:

Primary 5 Years
Sophie MacEachern-3rd 16 PB and 2nd PB & Highcuts
Laken Rogers-1st 16 PB, 1st PB & Highcuts, 1st Fling and 1st Sword

Primary 6 Years
Sadie Allen-8th 16 PB, 5th PB & Highcuts, 4th Fling and 6th Sword
Andrelle Richard-12th 16 PB and 12th PB & Highcuts
Chantal Marchand-11th 16 PB, 8th PB & Highcuts and 5th Sword
Alexa MacInnis-1st 16 PB, 6th PB & Highcuts, 3rd Fling and 1st Sword
Alie MacMaster-3rd 16th PB, 7th PB & Highcuts and 7th Fling
Chloe MacEachern-5th 16 PB, 3rd PB & Highcuts and 1st Fling
Emma Baird-4th 16 PB, 2nd PB & Highcuts, 5th Fling and 3rd Sword
Haley van de Wiel-9th 16 PB, 1st PB & Highcuts, 6th Fling and 2nd Sword
Jenna Cleary-6th 16 PB, 5th PB & Highcuts, 3rd Fling and 4th Sword
Keira Balcom-2nd 16 PB, 11th PB & High Cuts and 8th Fling

Beginner 7 Years & Under
Gracie Hawes-6th Fling and 4th Flora
Divjot Kalsi-3rd Fling, 3rd Sword and 5th ST

Beginner 8 Years
Sophie Hawes-6th Fling, 5th Sword, 2nd ST and 4th Flora
Nevaeh Byard-2nd Fling, 6th Sword and 5th ST
Emily Delorey-5th Fling, 4th Sword, 4th ST and 5th Flora
Ava Rogers-1st Fling, 1st Sword, 1st ST, 1st Flora and High Aggregate Trophy

Novice 8 Years & Under
Rachel Reid-5th ST
Adelaide MacDonald-2nd Fling, 2nd Sword 1st ST and 5th Flora
Karly Boyle-1st Fling, 6th Sword, 3rd ST and 4th Flora
Carmen MacMaster-6th Fling, 3rd Sword and 2nd Flora

Novice 9 & 10 Years
Julia Murray-5th Fling, 4th Sword and 3rd Flora
Katie McKenna-2nd Fling, 1st Sword, 1st ST, 5th Flora and High Aggregate Trophy

Novice 11 Years & Over
Conner Fraser-6th Sword and Tied 6th ST
Johanna Huntley-2nd Sword

Intermediate 8 Years & Under
Ainslee Pictou-2nd ST, 1st Barracks, 1st Hornpipe and High Aggregate Trophy

Intermediate 9 Years
Emma Barrett-5th ST, 3rd Barracks and 3rd Hornpipe
Sadie Bowen-4th ST and 2nd Barracks

Intermediate 10 Years & Over
Ceilidh Matthews-4th ST, 1st Reel, 6th Barracks and 1st Hornpipe
Khalee Chisholm-6th ST, 2nd Reel, 4th Barracks and Tied 5th Hornpipe

Premier 11 Years
Allison Gilfoy-4th ST, 3rd Reel, 4th Barracks and 3rd Hornpipe
Abby McKenna-3rd ST, 5th Reel, 3rd Barracks and 4th Hornpipe
Anna Silver-5th ST, 4th Reel, 6th Barracks and 6th Hornpipe
Megan Smith-1st ST, 1st Reel, 1st Barracks, 2nd Hornpipe and High Aggregate Trophy

Premier 12 Years
Madison Chisholm-5th ST, 5th Reel and 3rd Barracks

Premier 13 Years
Hannah Delorey-4th ST, 1st Reel, 3rd Barracks and 2nd Hornpipe
Erin Gilfoy-1st ST, 4th Reel, 1st Barracks, 1st Hornpipe and High Aggregate Trophy

Premier 14 Years
Emma Smith-4th ST, 4th Reel, 5th Barracks and 3rd Hornpipe

Premier 15 & 16 Years
Megan Fraser-6th Reel
Abigail MacDonald-2nd ST, 2nd Barracks and 4th Hornpipe
Courtney MacDonald-4th ST, 5th Reel and 3rd Hornpipe
Carly MacDonald-6th ST, 3rd Reel, 4th Barracks and 2nd Hornpipe

Special Events

Broadswords (AHDA Dancers are bolded)
12 Years & Under
5th Place-Jaelyn Rovers, Holly Jamieson, Kate Sampson, and Abby McKenna
4th Place-Marin Roach, Isabelle Pilling, Katelyn Clow and Regyn MacDonald
3rd Place-Ainslie Salter, Simone Dunning, Grace Mombourquette and Madison Chisholm
2nd Place-Hailey MacEachern, Robyn Treen, Anna Silver and Olivia Burke
1st Place-Kaitlin Matheson, Megan Smith, Drea Shepard and Olivia Burke

13 Years & Over
5th Place-Emily Walker, Lauren MacLean, Ellen Coffin and Stephanie Goodwin
4th Place-Laura Walker, Teresa Treen, Emma Smith and Heather Chow
3rd Place-Abigail MacDonald, Clea MacIsaac, Erin Gilfoy and Shannon Ouelette
2nd Place-Emma HInes, Nicole Jamieson, Hannah Delorey and Alaina Bryce
1st Place-Anna MacNeil, Erin Gilfoy, Carly MacDonald and Courtney MacDonald

Bill Cousins Memorial Trophy
The Bill Cousins Memorial Trophy Winner is awarded to an AHDA Beginner dancer who is deemed most promising by the judges.  The 2015 Bill Cousins Memorial Trophy recipient is Ava Rogers.

Pre-Premier Beginner and Novice Flora Dance-Off
Overall Beginner Winner-Madeleine LeVert, Sydney, NS
Overall Novice Winner-Kate Johnston, Halifax, NS

Deannie Beaton Memorial Seann Truibhas Trophy-Premier
Deannie Munroe Beaton Tophy winner of the Premier Seann Triubhas dance off was Larissa Godin, Bathurst, NB.

Intermediate Seann Truibhas Dance-Off 
Overall Intermediate Winner-Ava Proctor, Halifax, NS