153rd PEI Highland Games Results, August 5, 2017

153rd Prince Edward Island Highland Games
August 5th, 2017 Results:

Joanna Cleary – 3rd Fling, 2nd Sword, 2nd 16 PDB, 2nd 16 PDB’s & High Cuts
Sophie MacEachern – 2nd Fling, 3rd Sword, 1st 16 PDB, 1st PDB’s & High Cuts

Beginner 8 Years & Under
Yashita Ghore – 5th Flora
Laken Rogers – 2nd Fling, 3rd Sword, 2nd ST, 1st Flora

Novice All Ages
Jenna Cleary – 3rd Fling, 5th Sword, 4th ST, 3rd Flora
Gracie Hawes – 6th Fling, 4th Sword, 5th ST, 5th Flora

Intermediate 10 Years & Under
Kennedy MacDonald – 3rd Fling
Chloe MacEachern – 5th Flora, 6th Lilt
Ava Rogers – 5th Fling, 3rd ST, 4th Flora, 4th Lilt
Divjot Kalsi – 6th ST, 3rd Flora, 5th Lilt

Intermediate 11 Years & Over
Jaelynn Rogers – 5th Flora
Ruthie Stanley Blackwell – 6th ST, 3rd Flora, 6th Lilt

Premier 11 Years & Under
Emma Baird – 3rd Fling, 2nd ST, 2nd Flora, 2nd Lilt
Sadie Bowen – 4th Fling, 5th ST, 3rd Flora, 4th Lilt – 2nd Place in the ScotDance Solo Choreography

Premier 12 to 15 Years
Anna Silver – 4th Fling, 5th ST, 4th Flora, 5th Lilt
Connor Fraser – 3rd Fling, 4th ST, 2nd Flora, 4th Lilt

1st Place in the ScotDance Group Choreography– MacLeod Dancers – Sadie Bowen, Jaelynn Rogers, Ava Rogers, Divjot Kalsi, Chloe MacEachern, Sophie Hawes, Kennedy MacDonald