153rd Antigonish Highland Games-Pre-Premier:Primary and Beginner, and Special Event Flora Results, July 10, 2016

The following are the results from the second day at the Antigonish Highland Games-Pre-Premier: Primary and Beginner, and Special Event Florence MacMillan Flora.

Primary 4 & 5 Years:
Brittany Bennett-8th 16 PB
Macie Hicks-7th PB and 7th PB & Highcuts
Sadie Anderson-3rd PB & Highcuts
Brooke Hayne-2nd 16 PB and 1st PB & Highcuts
Joanna Cleary-5th 16 PB and 4th PB & Highcuts
Sophie MacEachern-11th 16 PB and 5th PB & Highcuts

Primary 6 Years:
Shelby Chisholm-2nd PB & Highcuts
Cara Sweet-4th 16 PB, 4th PB & Highcuts and 6th Sword
Laken Rogers-? PB, 2nd Fling and 2nd Sword
Jenna Cleary-3rd 16 PB, 1st pB & Highcuts, 1st Fling and 1st Sword

Beginner 7 Years:
Sadie Allen-3rd Fling and 2nd ST
Alexa MacInnis-5th Flora
Kennedy MacDonald-1st Sword, 4th ST and 3rd Flora
Haley van de Wiel-2nd Fling, 2nd Sword, 5th ST, 1st Flora and High Aggregate Trophy
Chloe MacEachern-5th Fling and 3rd Sword

Beginner 8 & 9 Years:
Neveah Byard-4th Fling and 4th ST
Brenna MacPherson-6th Sword

Beginner 10 & 11 Years:
Emily Chisholm-
Jaelynn Rogers-3rd fling, 1st sword, 2nd ST and 1st Flora

Special Event Florence MacMillan Flora:

7 & Under 12 Years:
Emma Barrett-3rd
Jaelyn Rovers-5th

12 & Under 14 Years:
Abby McKenna-5th
Alex Keefe-6th

14 Years & Over:
Emma Smith-4th
Asta Merie Stalker-6th

2016 Recipient of the Florence MacMillan Award for the Flora MacDonald Fancy
Shelby Lynne Dalziel, Cornwall, PE


The New Zealand Pre-Premier Award is presented annually to an Antigonish dancer in beginner, novice or intermediate who has been chosen by the judges as the dancer demonstrating the “most promise”. 2016 recipient – Ava Rogers.

The Wilena MacInnis Penny Award is presented annually to the Premier Dancer who accumulates the highest number of total points in premier competitions. 2016 recipient – Jaelyn Rovers.